Rather than letting life get in the way, we want to get you on track to finally take on a marathon. Many people who run a marathon feel anxious about it and think they’ll never be able to finish the race. We are here to say: you can do it!

No matter your level of fitness, with determination and some commitment, you can cross the marathon finish line.

Running a marathon isn’t just about fitness and athleticism, many people run marathons in support of a charity or cause. Charities greatly rely upon brave people taking up the challenge – with many people using the combined goal of taking on a marathon and becoming first-time fundraisers for a cause close to their heart.

If you’ve ever wanted to travel around Europe or the USA, there are international marathons that you can be part of – including New York, Paris and Berlin. A marathon is one of the most authentic ways to see a city – and what better way to experience a new country by running through different areas, shoulder-to-shoulder with other runners while the locals cheer you on.

Of all the sports to take up, running is one of the most accessible. You don’t even need to join a gym. In fact, you need to follow these two simple steps:

1) Buy a good pair of running shoes and socks. It’s worth investing time at the beginning by visiting a specialist running shop, as they will be able to recommend the best shoe for you.
2) Now get running.

If you aren’t typically a runner, keep at it. The first run will be hard, we won’t lie. The second time will be slightly more comfortable. Every time you run, it will get easier.

And if the couch is looking like a more appealing prospect, here is some inspiration to get you motivated:

  • Watch The Runners 
  • Rent Run Fatboy Run
  • Read Running Like a Girl by Alexandra Hemsley
  • Watch Eddie Izzard: Marathon Man

Once you’re up off the couch and with trainers on, we’ve compiled a list of resources (all free!) to help you build a training plan:

  • Inspired Adventures will send you a training guide when you first sign up for a challenge. If you want a preview, the internet has many – including these guides at Runner’s World 
  • Join a running group local to you. There’s nothing like running with other people to keep your training interesting, and these clubs will often have drills and other sessions to help prepare you. Nike also does a free Run Club
  • Download an app. Some of our favourites include Strava and RunKeeper which both help to measure your pace and keep track of your training week to week. Spotify has just launched “Spotify Running,” which matches music to your tempo to keep you going.
  • Set goals along the way. Parkrun is a 5km run every Saturday morning. You should also sign up for smaller running events between now and your big marathon. There are lots of 10 km runs that will boost your confidence, introduce you to event running and get you excited for the main event.

Feeling inspired?

  • Find an Inspired Adventure’s marathon challenge perfect for you here.