Join us on the Everest Base Camp Trek for Cerebral Palsy and raise funds to help us ensure Australians and New Zealanders living with cerebral palsy live a fulfilling independent and inclusive life.

On this adventure, you will first discover the sensory overload that is Kathmandu—Nepal’s bustling capital city. Fill your senses with the sights, sounds and smells of a city simultaneously hurtling towards modernity while stoically maintaining its traditional religious and cultural uniqueness.

Moving beyond city limits, you will then trek for 11 days through alpine meadow, into birch and rhododendron forest, across rivers and along narrow mule tracks between snow-capped mountains. Together with a team of local guides and Sherpas, you will discover the majesty and mysticism of the Himalayas by day, and fall asleep in traditional lodges and guesthouses in remote Nepalese villages at night.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment of standing in the shadow of Mount Everest knowing every step you’ve taken has raised vital funds to support Australians and New Zealanders with cerebral palsy live the life they deserve.

Join us on the Everest Base Camp Trek for Cerebral Palsy

Every 2 days a child is born with cerebral palsy in New Zealand, making it the most common physical disability in childhood. The funds you raise as part of this challenge will be directed to providing vital equipment, programs and services to support those in our communities living with CP, or towards our international research program – the choice is yours.

Medical research and new treatments – Since 2006 we have partnered with Cerebral Palsy Alliance (Australia) on research projects resulting in discoveries in preventions and life changing treatment, but we need your help to continue to work towards a cure

Technology and equipment – new innovations in technology is giving mobility to those who can’t walk and a voice to those who can’t talk

World class services and programs ­- enabling those with CP to live fulfilling lives, enjoy activities and interact and connect with others in their community

Support Services – Our support and respite programs provide a break for parents and carers through planned short term care for a person with a disability

Join us on the Everest Base Camp Trek for Cerebral Palsy

Dates: 23 March – 10 April 2018
Registration fee: $770 NZD (non-refundable)
Fundraising target: $4,500 NZD (excludes travel)
Travel cost: $6,290* NZD, including taxes
Trip duration: 19 days
Challenge duration: 11 days
Accommodation: Twin-share in accommodation in 2-3 star hotels, lodges and guesthouses
Minimum age: 18 (younger ages considered on application)

1. Enter your details in the form to instantly receive your information pack and booking form.

2. Complete and return the booking form to us at the email or fax on the form.

3. Or just give us a call on 09 280 3339.

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