Inspired Adventures is a professional fundraising agency, connecting with New Zealand and international charities around the world to develop and manage fundraising challenges.

Inspired Adventures has raised over $27 million for our charity partners since 2004. Our adventures raise huge funds for incredible causes, create community awareness and inspire lasting support.

Through our Inspired Learning Program, we develop service-learning adventures for New Zealand school kids that change their thoughts, broaden their worldview and encourage them to become well-versed, global citizens.


The Inspired Learning Program encourages young New Zealand kids to become efficacious learners, confident and active global citizens.

Partnering with your school, Inspired Adventures and your chosen charity will create an adventure that addresses the classroom syllabus and encourages students to cultivate important life-skills through real experiences.

The program runs in three phases, normally rolled out over two years:

Phase 1: Learn, prepare and fundraise

The phase that occurs pre-departure runs for five months, focusing on educating students about the charity, the country and the purpose of their adventure and challenge.

In this phase, the selected students are supported in creating and implementing their fundraising plans and trained to reach their target.

Phase 2: Experience and reflection

In the second phase, the selected students will head off on their adventure, where an Inspired Adventures Team Leader will accompany them.

A major outcome of this phase is daily contemplation about what the students are facing on this adventure. It is encourage that students partake in the reflection process by keeping a journal of their experiences, discussing how they are feeling and what they think will come from the following days.

Phase 3: Realise, share and sustain

This final phase centres on three main topics: How has this adventure changed me? What can I take back and teach to my peers? How can I continue to support the people and communities I’ve visited?

After their adventure has ended, students will be given the task of leading your school’s continued learning about the community they visited. This will be carried out through structured post-adventure activities, which encourage continual charitable efforts within your school community.

Program Objectives

  • Connect students to a new culture and aid them in becoming global citizens
  • Encourage students to grow their intercultural understanding
  • Promote long-term student, school and community engagement with your chosen charity
  • Grow students’ personal and social skills through fundraising and experiences in the country they visit
  • Promote skills that will carry over into your students’ holistic learning and continued growth that goes beyond their education